The New Hampshire Rivers Council WAS proud to Host the

2020 Wild & Scenic® Film Festival

on August 27, 2020. please save the DATE: March 26, 2021 for the next festival

Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, and members who
make this event a sold-out success.
Interested in being a part of this year’s 2020 Festival? Click here.

This is the tenth year that the New Hampshire Rivers Council will host this sold-out event. The Wild & Scenic® Film Festival provides environmentally-conscious organizations with an opportunity to showcase films as a way to reach their communities and inspire citizens to effect environmental change. The Festival offers a way for viewers to get energized and empowered to work in the community and get involved in the Council’s initiatives and other projects.

The event includes a reception; exhibits by national sponsors as well as local business partners (see below to learn how you can become one of them), the film screening, and door prizes.

The ticket cost for introductory, new-members included a one-year membership to the New Hampshire Rivers Council and all the associated benefits.

Wild & Scenic® 2020 Film Festival
New Hampshire Rivers Council Local Sponsors


River Benefactors

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River Stewards





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River Guardians

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River Partners

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Reception Sponsors

J. Street Extension: A band for all reasons

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For further information, click here for the sponsorship form
Questions? Please email the Council
or call at 603.228.6472 or 603.796.2615.


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Thirteenth Annual Wild & Scenic™ Film Festival (in a new, larger venue): save the date: March 31, 2023

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Michele L. Tremblay, President, Board of Directors receives EPA Environmental Merit Award. Click here to read more. September 11, 2020

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